Englewood Mann gets 45 years filming in Southeast Aurora

ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colorado. – A man who assaulted his estranged wife and shot her companion seven times while using his body to protect her was sentenced to 45 years in prison, the 18th prosecutor said.

“The only reason we’re still alive today is because of a hero who sacrificed his body and the tireless medical efforts along with miracles that kept this hero alive,” said the victims in a statement at the sentencing.

> In the video above, a domestic violence survivor tells the story and started an organization to help others.

The judge sentenced 35-year-old David Torrez to the maximum amount allowed under an objection agreement. Torrez pleaded guilty on March 4 to the following charges:

  • First degree murder attempt after deliberation

As a result, other charges against him have been dismissed.

On February 21, 2020, Aurora Police (APD) responded to South Pagosa Way where they found a man in a car who had been shot seven times, including two in the head. A 38-year-old woman who was not shot was in the car with the male victim.

The then 40-year-old man was taken to hospital.

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The woman told police that she was separated from her husband, Torrez, and that he harassed and followed her, including placing tracking devices on vehicles she was using.

That day, according to prosecutors, Torrez followed them and approached them in the car. Torrez shot the man as he covered her body with his.

The estranged woman heard Torrez say, “I hope you are happy with yourself.” He left the area and was arrested in Dacono later that day.

“Mr. Torrez in this case not only pursued the victims, he also hunted them. In a planned execution, the accused shot one of the victims seven times – including twice in the head – while the victim shot the defendant’s estranged wife from the bullets protected, ”said Assistant Attorney General Brian Eckhardt, who was prosecuting the case.

“Without the strength and determination of the victims, this would have been a double homicide.”

Below is a full explanation of the victims.

We would like to publicly thank those who have worked so tirelessly and enormously on this case for both of us. From the first officer on the ground to the medics who arrived so quickly, to Dave Sutherland and his great team at the Aurora Police Department, to Brian Eckhart and Elizabeth Oldham, the prosecutors who put so much care into their prosecutions and fights for Justice for us as survivors.

We will forever be grateful to those mentioned and everyone in between. Gratitude is so forgotten these days, but we are grateful.

And for any woman or person in a situation of control and abuse, please get help. You don’t have to be in a situation where you get hit for it to get bad, drastic, and progressive. If there is extreme verbal, social, emotional, and other forms of abuse, stalking and physical abuse will soon follow. Ask for help and advocate for the law early on.

You are not alone and it is not normal or justified to be in a house full of fear, control and threats. The only reason we are still alive today is because of a hero who sacrificed his body and the relentless medical efforts along with miracles that kept this hero alive.

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