Explosion at Aurora Cooperative in Superior

SUPERIOR, Neb. (KSNB) – There was an explosion, fire, or incident at the Aurora Cooperative in Superior on Saturday.

According to the Supreme Fire Department, the incident occurred around 4 p.m. on East 2nd Street, but the firefighters were on site for more than 5 hours. The department said they were concerned about other explosions that might follow.

Several firefighters were seen walking back and forth with water on Sunday, still trying to get the situation under control at the facility. The streets near the Aurora Cooperative were closed, but our local reporter got close enough to see smoke coming from the building and it was watered to put it out.

A representative from the Aurora Cooperative said the exact cause of the incident is being investigated. They said they were grateful that no one suffered major injuries and thanked all the volunteer fire departments for their help.

Local4 is working to have more information on this incident and will update this article as it becomes available.

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