Get on-line and cope with Aurora matters

A cyclist rides a bridge near South Havana Street and Dartmouth Avenue on the Cherry Creek Trail on June 11, 2019. Photo by ALI CM WATKINS / Sentinel Colorado

AURORA | Aurora officials launched an online feedback tool this week in hopes of getting public input on a variety of community topics, including water policy, contingency planning, and plans to modernize Havana Street and even the city center.

You can find the new platform at City officials call it “your room to make your voice heard”.

Aurors can now register, read, and provide feedback for city planners to create blueprints, recreational projects, and major urban thoroughfare overhauls.

The city is currently seeking feedback on the Havana Street Corridor study – an attempt to make the enormous passage more friendly for pedestrians, cyclists and public transit drivers. The city also wants your opinion on the city center, which includes the Aurora Municipal Center and several shopping malls, and how it could be better developed.

“We want to make sure that residents can provide feedback in the most convenient and convenient way for them,” City Manager Jim Twombly said in a statement.

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