GoFor Industries is partnering with Aurora Aerial to ship drones

OTTAWA, Ontario – (BUSINESS WIRE) – GoFor Industries, North America’s premier last mile, on-demand, and same-day delivery and logistics marketplace, today announced its partnership with Aurora Aerial, a Winnipeg, Canada-based company that develops remote-controlled aircraft solutions. As part of an overall approach to revolutionizing last mile delivery operations, this partnership will strengthen GoFor’s presence in the logistics industry by offering improved delivery performance in a fast and environmentally friendly way. Together, the collaboration between GoFor and Aurora Aerial in this emerging area of ​​last mile delivery provides a new option for companies that can radically change and improve the delivery speed and experience for their customers.

The GoFor and Aurora Aerial partnership will be piloted in Canada before expanding to GoFor’s other operational markets. The drones used are Transport Canada Part 9 Safe and correspond to operation within a controlled airspace in defined areas in accordance with local guidelines.

“Our new partnership with Aurora Aerial is the first step in redefining the traditional logistics industry and is in line with our vision to revolutionize logistics through the use of innovative technologies to deliver the ultimate customer experience. Drones offer one way to do this. They deliver shorter shipping times, lower operating costs and lower environmental impact, ”said Brad Rollo, President and CEO of GoFor. “The pandemic has accelerated the need for and adoption of new delivery solutions caused by a huge surge in online shoppers and local delivery demand. People expect quick delivery and want their products when they want them, which puts companies in a seemingly impossible position. GoFor solves the delivery problem on a larger scale, faster than anyone, and through our partnership with Aurora Aerial we will help companies meet their customers’ need for comfort, safety and speed. ”

This partnership offers the flexibility of the GoFor platform in conjunction with Aurora’s aircraft solutions and optimizes the process for fleet operators to use drones for replenishment and safe delivery on the last mile. The technologies offer the end customer convenience through integrated tracking updates in connection with fast, reliable and secure delivery.

“The future of delivery will involve the use of drones as the future of the industry is based on the connectivity, collaboration, agility and sustainability that all drones make possible. They are already being used for time sensitive deliveries such as medication and for deliveries that are difficult to do with traditional vehicles. Drones can enhance the service offering for businesses of all types and serve as a useful transportation option for destinations without adequate infrastructure to ensure businesses can deliver consistent results to customers regardless of their location, ”said Alan Tay, CEO of Aurora Aerial.

Through the partnership, a cost-effective and environmentally friendly delivery is achieved on the last mile, whereby gas consumption is massively reduced and road congestion is reduced. This allows small businesses, restaurants, and malls to complete air delivery while respecting area restrictions. As a result, companies save time and money while increasing their revenues. Customers no longer have to drive for pickups, endure waiting times for pickups at the roadside or standard shipping times of 3 to 7 working days.

For more information on GoFor, please visit www.gofordelivers.com.

About GoFor Industries

“Have it delivered now” – that is the GoFor promise. GoFor delivers every package, small to large and bulky, on site within three hours. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, the company helps North American businesses of all sizes get their products into customer hands faster, and works with some of the biggest names in the retail, construction and supply chain industries. Small businesses can use the outsourced truck fleets and web-based planning solutions from GoFor. Large companies can add and scale their own existing fleets and connect to GoFor’s logistics system. The result is an efficient and cost effective delivery service for today’s “I want it now” online customer. For more information on GoFor, please visit www.gofordelivers.com. For more information on the latest GoFor announcements, please visit www.gofordelivers.com/news.

About Aurora Aerial

Aurora Aerial Inc. Innovative solutions by integrating new technologies into aviation to enable customers to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Aurora Aerial was founded in 2018 by entrepreneurs with over fifty years experience managing commercial aviation and aerospace. Our focused industry is logistics, which includes “last mile delivery” and is itself a 30 billion dollar market. Operate remote controlled aircraft systems (RPAS), commonly known as unmanned aerial vehicle systems (UAS) or drones, safely and reliably in complex urban environments. These challenges are addressed with our bespoke solutions using the latest aerospace technologies and software platforms.

Aurora Aerial works closely with research institutions to develop pioneering solutions and works closely with innovators across the testing and validation ecosystem. From LTE or licensed band connectivity to Detect and Avoid Solutions to multiple drone controls, we are constantly striving to enable Beyond Visual Line of Sight’s ability to add value to our customers for the challenges of tomorrow. For more information on Aurora Aerial, please visit www.auroraaerial.aero.

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