Greater than a dozen households had been displaced by an Aurora residence hearth

Families are still looking for housing after being displaced by an Aurora fire last month that killed a mother of three.

AURORA, Colorado. – More than a dozen families are still looking for permanent homes after being displaced by an Aurora fire that killed a mother of three.

The Galena Apartments in Colfax and Havana were set on fire the day before Halloween.

Investigators are calling it arson and residents are calling for justice.

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Eduardo De Loera Serna’s family and most of his neighbors said they were asleep when the flames started

“We started running and knocking on every window,” said Eduardo.

Judith Padilla said her family owed their lives to his heroism, and the rest of the families said they worked together to get each other out.

Maria Guadalupe Serna Gallegos has four other sisters who live in the complex. Her nephews helped get everyone out.

She says they have no place to live and that one of her sisters has multiple sclerosis.

Ana Cortez, her husband and two children said they slept in their car on the night of the fire in a Walmart parking lot.

Nora Guerrero said she was able to escape the flames with her husband, three children and her older mother, who she says barely managed to escape.

She says her children yelled at her grandmother to jump or she wouldn’t make it

Jesus Manuel Ruiz said he just got home after the operation and his brother Gerardo Ramos Ruiz said they missed the community feeling the most.

Fransisco Vasquez said he was now looking after his uncle, who jumped off the third floor and broke his hip. The neighbors said they heard his bones crack.

Of the 17 families who lived here, all but one mother who died made it.

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Lilian said she left three children, including a two-year-old girl.

“It just feels terrible when I had the son here,” said Lilian. “He asked me, ‘Where is his mother? ‘And I said to him, “She’ll be fine,” but she didn’t make it. I tried going up the ladder to help. It just feels like you failed to save someone’s life. “

Most families have not found a permanent place to live.

You’re still trying to break away from the trauma.

Investigators shared this video with 9NEWS of a person they want to speak to in connection with the fire. A $ 5,000 reward is available for information leading to a suspect.

Anyone interested in helping those affected by the home fire can click here for more information on GoFundMe.

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