Huge festival for adults only Swingfields Aurora Lifestyle Festival is canceled due to coronavirus

Europe’s largest “adults only festival”, which is due to take place this weekend in Worcestershire, has been canceled due to the pandemic.

The Swingfields Aurora Lifestyle Festival was scheduled to take place in a mysterious location in the county today (Thursday July 2nd) through Saturday. But organizers scrapped it because of social distancing restrictions.

People who buy tickets to the festival are only informed of its secret location a few days beforehand – but for the past two years it has been held in fields near the Three Counties Showground in Malvern.

Aerial view of the Swingfields Festival 2019 near Malvern

Organizers have contradicted reports that the event, which is now in its seventh year, is a “swingers get-together” or “mass orgy” and insist that it is “the only UK festival for LGBTQI + communities and adult lifestyles” is.

However, no cameras or camera phones are allowed, free condoms are provided, and journalists and press representatives are also prohibited from attending. Every single man who wants to attend must go through a rigorous screening process before they can buy a ticket.

They said they made the decision not to hold the 2020 event because it would ultimately have been a “poor replica” of the mass gathering. In recent years, the festival has offered “sex hammocks” and four-poster beds in the middle of fields.

In a statement on its Facebook page, Swingfields Aurora said: “We pride ourselves on delivering the best independent lifestyle festival in the UK and delivering a memorable experience for our customers. We’re not ready to give you all a bad one Replica that does not reflect the true essence and standards of Aurora.

“We will use this time to take care of ourselves and each other and see where this virus is leading us. We apologize to all of our customers for any inconvenience, but your health and safety is our primary concern.”

Activities in Worcestershire

Though Swingfields Aurora insists it isn’t a swingers get-together, he says in his new guest guide, “Ladies often dress in lingerie for early evenings, or when it’s sunny we often see people going” natural “but we ask that anyway you stay dressed from the waist down in the main arena out of respect for the catering staff etc. “

Answer to the question: “What promotion will I get?” They answer, “Make no assumptions! This is NOT a ‘meat market’. So if you spend time having fun, being social, and mingling, you will have a nice event. You will have to make an effort. If you can sit and wait, then little will happen. “

They said 80 percent of the guests were couples, ten percent for single women and ten percent for single men.

Last year, after some media labeled the event a swingers festival, the organizers hit back. They told the Worcester News, “It’s a private event on private land – you’d have to step inside to see something.

“As for sexual activity, you will have seen more at other festivals. This is the first time we return to the same place as the residents were so welcoming last year.

“We contacted local authorities, the police and spoke to local residents. There is nothing illegal, there are no drug problems. Nobody raised us concerns. In fact, people have said how well things are going. It’s just nimbyism that is out of date and.” evil view does not correspond to a tolerant society.

“The people who come here are doctors, teachers – they are human and are just plain open and honest. They are highlighted as extraterrestrials by the planetary swing.”

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