Intel and HPE assist Argonne Nat’l Lab construct the Aurora supercomputer

Aurora system

Intel has partnered with the Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory and Hewlett Packard Enterprise to validate hardware and software applications in support of building an exascale computer system called Aurora.

Argonne Leadership Computing Facility researchers are working with Intel to jointly design, validate, and test applications for the high-performance computing system as part of the Aurora Early Science Program and the Exascale Computing Project, Intel said Tuesday.

Aurora is powered by the company’s Xeon Scalable processors, as well as oneAPI software and Xe-HP graphics processors.

The team intends to use the resulting software and programming HPC environments to inform the development of future applications running on Aurora.

Trish Damkroger, HPC vice president and general manager for Intel, said providing early access hardware and software environments for Argonne will help the team pave the way towards exascale and give researchers the ability to allocate supercomputing resources use.

According to Intel, the Aurora project could support a number of projects spanning areas such as molecular dynamics, computational chemistry, high-fidelity modeling, and cosmological simulations.

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