Is Aurora Cell Ltd – ADR (JG) inventory good worth on Friday?

Aurora Mobile Ltd – ADR (JG) is at the forefront of the technology sector, according to InvestorsObserver.

JG received an overall rating of 92, meaning it got over 92% of the shares. Additionally, Aurora Mobile Ltd – ADR scored 79 in the technology sector, over 79% of the stocks in that sector.

Total score - 92
JG has a total of 92 points. Find out what this means to you and get the rest of the leaderboard at JG!

What do these ratings mean?

Analyzing stocks can be tricky. There are tons of numbers and ratios, and it can be difficult to remember what they all mean and what is “good” for a given value. InvestorsObserver ranks stocks according to eight different metrics. We rank most of our scores by percentile to help investors understand. A score of 92 means the stock is more attractive than 92 percent of the stocks.

Our proprietary rating system captures technical factors, fundamental analysis and the opinions of analysts on Wall Street. This makes InvestorsObserver’s overall rating a great place to start, regardless of your investment style.

Percentile scores are also easy to understand. A score of 100 is the top and a 0 is the bottom. You don’t need to remember what “good” is for a range of complicated proportions. Just pay attention to which numbers are highest.

What is happening to Aurora Mobile Ltd – ADR Stock today?

Aurora Mobile Ltd’s stock – ADR (JG) trades at $ 6.19 at 2:21 p.m. on Friday, February 12, a loss of $ 0.88, or -12.45%, from its previous closing price of Jan. .07 USD equals. The stock traded between $ 5.92 and $ 6.76 today. The current volume is 4,777,751 compared to an average volume of 4,685,478.

For the full Aurora Mobile Ltd – ADR (JG) Stock Stock Score Report, click here.

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