KETAMINE MORATORIUM RUNS Monday, Aurora-Feuer is not going to implement the mission once more

AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) – Aurora Fire Rescue has no immediate plans to reinstate the use of ketamine as a tool to calm extremely excited patients, despite the city’s moratorium on the drug expiring on Monday.

“Ketamine is not currently available for field use in Aurora, and there is no schedule for re-implementation,” said Sherri-Jo Stowell, fire department spokeswoman. “The medical leadership team will continue to evaluate and review the protocols / training to determine the best approach for our patients.”

The city council unanimously voted to impose a moratorium on the drug in September while independent advisors are investigating Elijah McClain’s death. McClain died days after police tried to subject him with a carotid grip and after doctors sedated him with an injection of ketamine.

The Aurora Council unanimously votes to temporarily halt ketamine sedation by paramedics

The moratorium expires 30 days after receipt of the test results on February 22, 2021.

Aurora’s independent medical advisor, Dr. Melissa Costello said she hadn’t found definitive evidence that the drug caused McClain’s death, but that it did interfere with a doctor’s ability to properly assess his or her health.

“Elijah McClain should be here today”; Aurora Fire Rescue, Aurora Police are responding to an independent review

“If anything, the ketamine could have contributed to some trouble on the part of the paramedics after assessing the fact that it continued to decline,” she said.

A coroner couldn’t rule out the possibility that McClain was suffering from a side effect of the drug that many emergency responders refer to as a safe way to calm agitated patients in the field.

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