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Glendale, Arizona has the most reputable landscaping firms. You shouldn’t waste time searching for the same service elsewhere. It could lead to you spending more money and finding poor landscaping services in Glendale. The following are the best five, and are all A+ on Yelp!

Creative Greenaz:

CGL Landscaping is the best service to maintain your commercial space! They provide the most recent landscaping technologies in Glendale. Their primary focus is on technology and design to ensure that they can provide curb appeal. The group of experts is able to work with any budget, no whether it’s large or small.

Their top priority is creativity as well as quality and endurance; three things that the company is aware of are essential in any project, from residential homes to massive office complexes such as hotels and other locations in Glendale.

Mirage landscaping:

Mirage Landscaping is a family-owned and operated business in the valley. It strives to create high-quality landscapes quickly and efficiently while making sure that its clients are pleased with their services. The company is proud of its work alongside their high standards for licensed landscape materials, which they only use when developing creative landscape designs for commercial or residential properties according to each client’s individual needs (e.g., architectural plans).

Jim Paradise Creations

Jim’s Paradise Creations Landscaping, a top landscaping company located in Glendale AZ has more than 30 years of experience. Jim started building his tropical front and backyard landscapes complete with ponds and waterfalls when he was only 13! They now serve new and remodel projects for the loyal customers that are with them from the beginning. Free estimates are offered by this family-run business that always has your best interests at heart while providing quality work on every project.

EnviroScape Services:

EnviroScape Services is a leading landscaping firm based in Glendale, Arizona. They can create landscape plans that meet your needs. In addition, they provide exceptional maintenance services for residential commercial and residential properties. Their work is of the finest quality and with meticulous attention and dedication to excellence. They will always go above and beyond!


AMS Landscaping

AMS Landscaping is a lawn care company that has been serving commercial and residential clients since 1969. If required, services include mowing, seeding, and trimming. Before the work can begin, properties are inspected thoroughly. Seeding and installation of sod is offered as required. Lawn aeration, weed-control applications and fertilization treatments are also available. The removal of pet waste and debris haul away services can be demanded by the client at no additional cost in addition to their 100% risk-free assurance that if the client isn’t satisfied with their service for any reason after the completion of the task(s) the customer will not be charged a cent!

Good landscaping starts with planning. Each of these landscaping Glendale companies is there to help you with the planning aspect of your project. They will ensure that the final results match exactly what was envisioned and achieve the goals with utter dedication.

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