Lawyer Aurora eases its customer tips as COVID-19 circumstances decline

MILWAUKEE – With the COVID-19 numbers appearing to be on the downside, some places are trying to ease some restrictions. A regional hospital relaxes its visitor policy.

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A nurse at a COVID-19 coronavirus testing station set up by the University of Washington Medical Center uses a swab to take a sample from a person’s nose in their car in Seattle on Friday, March 13, 2020. UW Medicine is conducting drive-through exams in a hospital parking garage and has screened hundreds of employees, faculties, and trainees for the COVID-19 coronavirus. U.S. hospitals are setting up triage tents, calling retired doctors, guarding their supplies of face masks, and planning to abandon elective surgery in preparation for an expected onslaught of coronavirus patients. (AP Photo / Ted S. Warren)

On Monday, the Wisconsin Department of Health reported 3,718 new cases of COVID-19. The 7-day average of the percentage positive cases was thus 4.2 percent.

“We’ve been falling pretty steadily in terms of hospitalizations and case numbers. Death always lags a little,” said Dr. Matt Anderson, senior medical director, primary care, UW Health.

Aurora, Advocate Health Care-Fusion, Regulatory Approved

Advocate Aurora Health announced on its website and Facebook page that visitor guidelines are being relaxed.

There used to be no visitors, except in certain exceptional cases. Now hospital patients can have up to two visitors, but one at a time in the room.

Froedtert Hospital is currently admitting a visitor for the duration of the patient’s stay and saying that they do not expect any changes to the guidelines. UW Health is currently under a visitor-free policy and is not expecting any change.

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However, UW Health says they want to see more people get vaccinated in Wisconsin, and it’s currently not possible due to limited supply.

Instead, they want the community to continue focusing on wearing masks, social distancing, and trying to stop the spread.

“The key message here is that we can’t declare victory too soon. We’ve been in this place where we are now in terms of case numbers and it got a lot worse when we didn’t follow these guidelines and the exposures increased, ”said Anderson.

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