Looking for the giveaway for Aurora groceries, according to the organizers, there is a widespread need

AURORA | As cars snaked through the Hinkley High School parking lot on May 27, it became clear how urgently the Aurora Mobile Food Pantry was needed by members of the Aurora community.

There was far more demand than supplies.

“I think the turnout helps highlight the need for such a basic need for food,” said Josh Nicholas, neighborhood officer for the Aurora City Community Relations Division. “People show up at 7am, three hours before the start at 10am. We try to increase our capacity every week to serve more food. “

The pantry served 400 vehicles that day, with a family of four receiving enough food for an average of five days.

The partnership between the Food Bank of the Rockies, the City of Aurora, and Aurora Interfaith Community Services has resulted in the food being distributed at these mobile supply locations.

A wide variety of items are offered to families using these services, including ready-made meals, cereals, fresh produce, dairy products, and foods such as eggs and fish.

The Colorado Pet Food Pantry will also offer food and support for pets starting in June. Aurora Animal Care also provided pet food for families in need.

We Don’t Waste will throw its hat into the donation ring from June onwards. This new partnership will increase the food made available to families who need it most.

Since launching May 20, the city of Aurora has provided 2,500 members of the Aurora community with approximately 50,000 pounds of groceries, with the number increasing in both weeks. It is estimated that 30,000 pounds of food and 1,300 meals were served on May 27th.

In addition, the meals go quickly. The pantry had distributed all available food within 30 minutes of opening it each day.

Bringing so much food to so many families is not an easy task. To keep the near-endless line of cars at a respectable level, the Aurora Mobile Food Pantry is supported by 50 volunteers – and it ranges from community members to Aurora police officers.

Starting in June, the pantry will be at Gateway High School every Wednesday at 10 a.m. and will operate until all groceries have been distributed. In July, the pantry will be moved to Overland High School and its distribution day will be postponed to Thursday. The change of day is intended to give those who may not make it on Wednesdays a chance – the time remains at 10 a.m.

The program will continue through August, but this location has yet to be decided.

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