Marengo shoots suspects in reference to Aurora theft: police

Two suspects in a shooting and robbery in Marengo that seriously injured a father of five were also likely to be implicated in an Aurora crime, police said.

Video transcript

– – Police say the two people wanted to shoot a suburban gas station worker are now linked to a killing spree in another community. These are surveillance videos, photos of the accused men. Keep up the Marengo gas station on Wednesday and open fire on a member of staff inside. Police now believe the same suspects were responsible for three armed robberies in convenience stores in Aurora. These occurred on Monday, Tuesday and again on Thursday evening.

We also learned that the employee shot in the Marengo robbery is now being discharged from the hospital and is recovering at home. Brian Pemble, father of five, was seriously injured. So far, $ 9,000 has been donated to help this family.

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