Meals vans get the inexperienced mild in East Aurora after a 60-day hiatus Newest headlines

The Dirty Bird Food Truck has been in use for five years.

Sharon Cantillon

Food trucks are rolling again in the village of East Aurora and still have to park 100 feet from a restaurant. This emerges from a new local law approved by the Board of Trustees on July 20th.

The trucks have been silent since June 1, when the Village Board approved a 60-day moratorium to prevent food trucks from resuming operations after the Covid hiatus.

“I have nothing against food trucks, especially at this time of Covid when so many restaurants are and are still being affected,” said trustee Steven Lazickas, who supported the moratorium. ”

Lazickas asked where the zone was measured, the restaurant building, its terrace or the property line.

If the terrace is a permanent addition, it will be included as part of the restaurant, the board decided.

The new law provides exemptions from some previous regulations that prohibit food trucks from parking in the same location for consecutive days or for more than three days in a seven-day period.

In addition, food trucks now have to provide a trash can for customers, said trustee Marcia Kimmel-Hurt.

The trustees also set a fee schedule. Annual fees are $ 450. Residents would pay $ 350. A 24-hour permit costs $ 100.

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