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The city of Aurora has faced setbacks during the pandemic, but has several projects underway, according to Judi Lannon, city clerk and tax officer.

“Aurora has a project to upgrade a water treatment plant underway and we are excited about it and there is a lot of emphasis on it right now,” said Lannon.

This project was initiated in May 2019 and is supported by a grant from the Water Infrastructure Department of the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality.

A project to build an industrial park in Aurora was also started in 2019. The planning process has stalled due to the pandemic, but work is progressing.

“It’s an industrial park that the Richland Township Fire and Rescue is building on US Highway 33 right there. It will comprise approximately 41 acres or more of industrial park. We sincerely hope that this will boost economic development and create 20 or more full-time positions, ”said Lannon.

A land development study was recently carried out on the area the city intends to use for the industrial park. There are wetlands in the area that were accessed to determine the amount of usable acres after Lannon.

“It will provide a safe, attractive work environment that will provide water, sewage and paved roads, and these will be for contractors who enter into contracts with Nutrient,” said Lannon. “At the moment, many of these mine maintenance companies cannot do all of the work they need to do on the mine site. This gives them a place for host offices, years of disappointment, manufacturing and repair facilities for their equipment, conference rooms and such. ”

Lannon said the project was delayed but funding was in place and allocated. Once the planning phase has been completed, the city will continue to push the project forward.

Recreation is also a big focus for the city. A grant to update the softball field was received in 2018 from the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, along with a grant to hire a recreation coordinator for the city. These grants were given to the city to promote a healthy environment and encourage an active lifestyle, the foundation said.

“The softball field there is used by a team called Coastal Storm. They are like our home team and when the weather was nice they played a lot of softball for girls, ”said Lannon. “Our recreation coordinator Curt Hendrex took great care of the fields there and even made a spontaneous par 3 golf course available for the people.”

In addition to the softball field, the Aurora Leisure Department works on maintaining the nature trails in the city. This maintenance gives residents more options to use these trails and make navigation easier.

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