Military members offered free food in Aurora on this memorial day

AURORA, IL – Veterans, active service members, and Gold Star families are invited to enjoy good (and free) food this Memorial Day weekend.

The Aurora Area Interfaith Pantry will donate approximately $ 140 in groceries to military personnel on Friday, May 28, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Proceed to the Pantry at 1110 Jericho Rd. At Aurora, volunteer vehicles will be loaded with meat, milk, fresh fruits and vegetables, and other non-perishable items.

Recipients are asked to bring ID with them.

Shannon Cameron, Executive Director of the Pantry, said the event would open with a prayer at 9:50 am. A color watchdog will release the colors and pantry officials, elected officials and representatives from veterans groups have been invited to speak. Students from the High School’s Reserve Officer Training Corps units are invited.

The event will also feature banners with pictures and information about local veterans.

“Aurora Area Interfaith Food Pantry hopes to reach out to even more veterans at this year’s event and introduce them to our weekly services,” said Cameron. “Every veteran in the ward is welcome to come weekly.”

The annual veterans event began in 2016. While other events on Memorial Day served around 90 veterans, Cameron hopes they can help even more this year.

“We encourage all veterans to help us remember those who fell and to honor all of our veterans,” said Kris Kearns, commander of the Fox Valley Marine Corps League We hope all veterans in the community will join us. “

Kearns encouraged veterans and other community members to publicize the event in order to reach more people.

“They know who’s having problems, and the food they give them could provide extra support,” said Cameron. “Veterans have given so much to our country and we are honored to serve them.”

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