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Most common Roof Problems

Oct 9

Most common Roof Problems

Being stuck in a new area with multiple roofing options online where no one seems trustworthy enough is something that we all have had to deal with at some time in our lives. And if you are having serious problems, don't waste too much time. Get immediate solutions. Here are some common roofing issues:



Leaks are a serious problem and can damage your home. Even though a leaking roof seems unlikely to allow water to enter your home, the fact that there is often rain or standing water makes it easy to see why. You can check around for signs of mold growth and stains.


Poor Installation


You can avoid costly mistakes by hiring a professional to install your roofing system. Insulation is necessary for the roof to function properly. Poor quality materials or workmanship can lead to poor performance and long-term problems.

Summaries: Get someone who knows their stuff!




Moss can block your gutters and is an immediate problem. Moss removal at home is easy. Simply mix half a laundry strength bleach with water, and spray it on the roof. The roof should be dry within 20-30 minutes. Rinse the area well and then leave for at least an hour to prevent spores from spreading around.




Bad ventilation can cause blisters. You need to ensure that your roof receives enough sunlight for it to cool down and keep you healthy. Cadillacs roofing specializes in handling such problems. Contact them as soon as possible to resolve these issues. It is better to act quickly than wait.


Broken Gutters


Guttering can be one of the most important components of your home's exterior. You should immediately address any signs of water damage. Gutters are designed to drain rainwater quickly so it doesn't cause damage inside or out. But, many people wait until the gutters cave in before getting them replaced. This could result not only in siding rot but also in erosion of landscaping.




If you have ever woken to the sounds of tweeting birds, it's likely that they made their home on your roof. However, this problem can quickly become a disaster if they are not addressed immediately. This will prevent them from causing more harm than good and making it worse.




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