Northern Aurora man charged in Woodman’s shooting

A 19-year-old North Aurora man faces multiple charges in connection with the shooting of two people in a grocery store parking lot late Tuesday afternoon.

David M. Williams of the 1800 block on Oak Street is charged with heavy battery single firearm, quadruple armed robbery, and double serious illicit use, according to the North Aurora Police Department.

The two people who were shot in the parking lot of Woodman’s Food Market on the 100 block of Hansen Boulevard were rushed to hospital. One is in critical condition and the other is in good condition, the police said.

Police said Williams arranged to meet one of the men in the Woodman’s parking lot to buy cannabis. Williams and another man walked up to the third man, who was in his car. The two men got into the car and the driver parked in a parking lot. Williams then showed a handgun and demanded the cannabis from the driver, police said.

After a gun battle, Williams’ partner was shot in the leg in the back seat. He got out of the vehicle and hobbled away, the police said.

Williams and the driver continued to fight for the gun. The driver was shot in the neck and the rolling car came to rest on the curb in the far northwest corner of the parking lot, police said.

Williams got out of the car, tried briefly to help his partner before leaving him and fled north through a meadow on foot, police said.

A passerby put a tourniquet on the injured man’s leg. It’s in good shape. The 17-year-old driver of the car is in critical condition, the police said.

The police arrested Williams at his apartment. He was arrested by police along with a third man and woman. The latter two were questioned and released.

Williams’ bail was set at $ 250,000 after a bond hearing on Saturday. His next trial is scheduled for June 16.

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