Northern Lights Forecast May 2021: How to See the Aurora Over the United States

The above map from the SWPC and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) indicates that the aurora may be discovered in the northern United States. “High-latitude sky watchers … may have trouble seeing something when the midnight sun hits the night sky, but places near the US-Canadian border and of course our friends Down Under may see a beautiful aurora in the coming days” says

The SWPC map shows northern parts of Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan may get a glimpse of the aurora. There are no guarantees of the Northern Lights, but the night of May 25th through the morning of May 26th is a good time to watch for their arrival.

In addition, this takes place at the same time as a total lunar eclipse. This “super blood lunar eclipse” will be visible in the early morning hours of May 26th in the western United States. For details on where and when the solar eclipse will be visible with this tool, see Time and Date.

When you go on the aurora hunt, you need to stay away from light pollution, which may be tougher than some people think. A SWPC representative previously told Thrillist, “You need a very clear sky, a good view of the northern horizon (no trees, buildings, or hills), and it needs to be dark.”

You also need to be patient. Keep your eyes on the sky and hope the stars will align in your favor.

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