PERRY: You are not loopy – the Aurora lawmakers’ gasoline mild on Elijah McClain’s demise underscores their folly

The Aurora City Council virtual meeting on March 2, 2021 where lawmakers discussed an independent investigation into the death of Elijah McClain. SCREEN DIGGING

C.Fighting racism isn’t really that difficult, it fights with reality, for some in Aurora it has become such a stressful burden.

It was exhausting watching some members of Aurora City Council work with the reality of Elijah McClain’s death in 2019 by Aurora police and paramedics on Tuesday night.

For over a year, many city, law, and law enforcement officials directed the public not to believe their lying eyes when they saw video evidence of Aurora officials ruthlessly abusing an unnecessary confrontation with McClain.

Last week, new Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson and senior city officials bravely faced a deadly racism problem in their police department. An independent investigation finally revealed how a young black man walking home from the store at night died after a brutal confrontation with the police.

The cliché is true that McClain’s only wrongdoing that night was walking while Black.

The months of independent investigation into the circumstances that led to McClain’s death and the virtual discharge of the police officers and medics involved were unequivocal.

“I think the investigation team has identified the problem underlying the case: the failure of a system of accountability,” City Manager Jim Twombly told reporters at a news conference last week.

Wilson set out the findings of the report, ensuring that Aurora can and will do better in the city and region. The majority of city council members understand the conclusions of the report and are ready to move the city forward.

Despite the clarity brought by three formidable pundits into the body of information released so far, city lawmakers like Councilors Dave Gruber and Marsha Berzins didn’t have it on Tuesday night.

“We all want justice for Elijah, but we have to get it right,” said Berzins when lawmakers first had an opportunity to comment on the damning assessment of the police’s handling of the McClain debacle.

Her “on the right track” claim was a terrifying reminder of how wrong things really are in places like Aurora. When we saw Trayvon Martin’s outrage over George Floyd, we learned that the “right way” is the “white way”.

Berzins pointed to the separation from reality for himself and too many. She said the police had no idea when they confronted McClain that night that he was the “nice, sweet” person he was.

You and others do not understand the broken reality. Black people and many other colored people suffer from it. Only “nice, sweet” black people claim to be treated like any white person. Only “nice, sweet” black people have the right to get justice “the right way”.

Black people who act strangely in poor areas of Aurora live under and through a separate judicial system.

Gruber flatly denied the report and evidence on Tuesday. He charged three learned, highly experienced experts – a civil rights and police attorney, a former city police chief, and an emergency medic – of conspiring to put an agenda behind the search for justice.

Gruber disagreed with the conclusion that former Adams County District Attorney Dave Young was wrong in his assessment that there is no case against the police and medics associated with McClain’s death, saying the independent report was based on a collusion between Denver , Aurora, Adams County Police and Prosecutors closed.

Yes. That is exactly the problem here – and across the country. It is not an arrangement in the sense that they plan together before the meeting. You do not have to. They work together to protect the police from criminal prosecution by paying respect to officials no one else in the nation gets.

Investigative Attorney Jonathan Smith made it clear: The police that are accused of having committed wrongdoing through a judicial system very different from that to which we are all subjected.

The Aurora police have clearly been tried “in the right way” for McClain’s death when prosecutors said they could not prove a case against them.

The “right” kind of justice disguises the police when investigating each other, when judging internal misconduct, when prosecutors search for possible charges, and even in court when juries sympathize with cops who just have to say they are concerned about Making someone they have confrontation may have a gun, a grudge, or an unsatisfactory reason for walking home from the store on a hot summer night.

It is the tens of thousands of miners and berzins that the city has to fight against. These are people who fail to make the distinction between the wisdom of indulging in unreasonable police demands and the constitutional right to disobey police orders – as long as you are the right race and in the right neighborhood.

People like Berzins and Gruber have no problem with the police ignoring the rights of blacks in winter clothes in the summer. For these people, officials have the right to prevent people from acting in ways that may be worrying, even though the law is clear that it does not.

However, many agree that these rules do not apply to whites who put on a pig’s leg and go to the store or walk around town with a loaded shotgun.

A few years ago gun rights activists had great fun baiting the Aurora police by showing off a gun in public. No one of these white men was ever approached by the police. When these ammunition bitionists were told to stop, they took selfies on their cell phones as they walked and, oddly enough, chatted about their constitutional rights to “open carry” and show off.

Who are you most worried about? A young black guy walking with iced tea in a winter outfit or a camouflaged white guy walking down Havana Street in a Winchester?

You already know which one is likely to go to jail or the morgue.

We can no longer explain why innocent black men who are harassed, verbally abused, or spoken to by the police are not enjoying justice the “right way” that white people do.

Just this summer, Aurora was upset by the public when officers mistakenly ran over a car carrying black women and girls. The cops mistakenly thought the car was stolen. Officials said they only followed the guidelines when they even forced a 6-year-old black girl, crying hysterically, face down on the hot sidewalk during “interrogation”.

If you honestly believe that these cops forced older white women or young white toddlers face down on the sidewalk during the mock stop, you will have a problem accepting the reality.

However, you may have a good chance of getting elected to the city council.

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