Pit bull euthanized after biting a 5 yr outdated kid’s face in Aurora

A child in Aurora was bitten on Sunday in the face by a pit bull, a dog that was recently adopted by the city’s animal shelter after the city council lifted a ban on pit bulls in January.

The dog, named Cotto by his adoptive family, was euthanized according to an email informing the mayor and city council of the attack.

On Sunday, an Aurora police officer was stopped by the driver of a pickup truck, Austin Chavez, 24, who was requesting an escort to Aurora Medical Center, according to a police report. The injured child was in the truck. Chavez adopted the dog known as Malone at the shelter on February 27th.

Cotto, a 2-year-old weighing 58 pounds, is one of three pit bulls adopted by the city since the ban was lifted. The dog was currently on rabies vaccination. The adoption cost for Chavez was $ 165. The city’s new pit bull regulation went into effect on February 14th.

“Our thoughts are with the victim and his family and we hope for a full recovery,” said Ryan Luby, a city spokesman, in a written statement. “The Aurora Animal Shelter uses the nationally recognized SAFER rating to assess the suitability of dogs for adoption and to measure an animal’s response to various encounters and stimuli such as food, toys, and interactions. While this behavioral assessment is an effective tool, no assessment can be a predictor of animal behavior in all situations and circumstances. “

People who adopt shelter animals in Aurora sign a standard agreement recognizing the risk, according to the city.

Chavez declined to comment on Wednesday afternoon.

The 5-year-old victim was visiting a house on the 900 block of South Dearborn Way and playing a video game when the city said he was involved in an “unprovoked attack”.

The child’s victim suffered a bite that extended the width of his face. A follow-up examination with a doctor is planned for an examination of the right eye.

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