Popular Annual Events in Mission Viejo California


There are a great many annual events that take place in the gorgeous city of Mission Viejo, California. If you want to plan a vacation to this area, the first thing that you should do is to plan for a trip to Mission Viejo. This community is located on the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway about an hour south of San Diego. It is a beautiful spot for a quiet time and it is very popular with visitors because of all of the wonderful activities that take place in the area.


The area has many popular annual events that will please just about everyone. One of the most popular is the Sea World’s Fun Nights. This is a week long celebration of fun and entertainment. There are various types of shows that take place during the week at the various Sea World marine life parks.


Another of the events in Mission Viejo that is well worth checking out is the Winter Fest. This takes place in January and February. This fest includes all kinds of winter attractions such as skiing, snowmobiling, sledding and much more. The top attractions of this event are the giant snow shovels and the ice skating rink. Other local attractions that can be found at the Winter Fest include the local sledding hills and local parks.


The Elks’ Club also hosts quite a number of different events throughout the year. Some of these include athletic contests between the various clubs and teams and it is a yearly event that is not covered by other venues. Other popular attractions at the Elks’ Club include golfing. There is a world renowned golf course at the Elks’ Club and it is a favorite amongst tourists and locals alike.


A few events that happen in Mission Viejo are also popular among tourists. One of these is the Annual Cruise Festival. This is held every year. Thousands of people from around the world come out to enjoy the beautiful views of the bay. There are some fun things to do at the festival including sailboating, live music performances and workshops.


A number of fun things to do are also held at the San Miguel Market and Wine Festival. It happens during the month of April. There are many local shops where you can buy beautiful souvenirs for your travels to the area. There are also many wine tasting parties that take place throughout the year. Other annual events include the Cheese Festival and the Mexican Food and Wine Festival.


Not everyone will think of Hawaii when thinking of great vacation destinations but it is a state that deserves mention. There are many tropical islands in Hawaii and they each have their own unique set of events that take place. Two of the most popular islands include Oahu and the Big Island. Both of these islands offer visitors exciting annual events that include surfing lessons and whale watching.


Hawaii is a great vacation destination for many people and many events take place there each year. These events range anywhere from parades, cultural exhibits to live music concerts. Because of its popularity, there are many tourist attractions around the state. They range from the infamous Waikiki Beach, which has been known for its legendary surfboards, to the Sea Life Park and Space Shuttle launches. Hawaii is a great place for tourists and has plenty to offer. Check out the annual events calendar for more information.


The annual Hawaiian Jazz Festival takes place in Honolulu, Hawaii. This festival features top local artists performing jazz music. Other events include parades and other popular attractions. The Big Island has a popular annual Hawaiian Luau, which includes many different traditional dances as well as new ones. The Islands are known for their cultural and geographical beauty and these annual events help celebrate this beauty.


San Francisco is one of the most popular cities in the United States and is famous for its liberal political views and unique food. It is a popular place for those looking for adventure and many things to do including the famous Ferry Building. The Embarcadero, which is on the waterfront of the city, is an area where you will find a variety of events taking place. Other popular activities include fishing, sailing and boating.


California is the home to some of the most popular and diverse cities in the world. The large amount of natural beauty and interesting geographical sites attracts many visitors and makes these events popular year after year. There are so many events to choose from and it doesn’t matter if you want to be involved in one or a number of the events.

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