Potential GOP GOV candidate Richard Porter tonight on Cable in Chicago, Highland Park and Aurora in addition to on the web (24/7)

(1) All over Chicago tonight at 8:30 p.m. and midnight on Cable Ch. 21 (CAN-TV)

Porter, who will decide this summer whether he will join a then likely field of GOP Gov lead candidates Businessman Gary Rabine (R-Woodstock) US Navy veterinarian and former Senator. Paul Schimpf (R-Waterloo) and Downstate Farmer and Senator Darren Bailey (R-Louisville), lambasted the Democratic Party for its predatory government, such as the red camera laws, which he believed were intended to take money from low-income citizens to empower politicians.

Porter, a Republican National Committman, is very critical of Governor Pritzker for unnecessarily shutting down the IL economy. Porter claims that if we had followed the data we would have kept our public schools (K-12) and workplaces open.

Richard Porter cited data showing that “children at school don’t get seriously ill from Covid,” and that most people under the age of 60 could have gone to work without serious pre-existing medical conditions (including teachers) and can still walk safely .

Porter argues that Pritzker’s misplaced priorities failed to protect those most at risk from Covid19 – the elderly in nursing homes – which accounted for more than half of the 19,000 deaths from IL C19.


On this show, Porter credits much of what he understands about economics and risk management with nearly three decades of transactional law experience from Kirkland & Ellis, and calls himself a “legal fool.” This legal practice includes mergers and acquisitions, financing, and helping businesses cope with poor financial health via the bankruptcy process – and moving into a restructured, viable business.

He argues that his nearly three decades of legal practice prepared Porter to take on the Illinois $ 440 billion pension liability issue as governor.

Porter said the massive loss of the IL population over the past decade was due to residents voting with their feet against an unholy alliance of democratic politicians with unions to promote both democratic political power and outrageous pensions, such as the 325K per year for New Trier High school principals and sixteen thousand government employees with pensions in excess of 100,000 per year.

According to Porter, the solution to the IL financial disaster is to pass federal law that will restore power to the people of Illinois and give them the authority to instruct their state and local elected officials to provide state pension benefits to those that are appropriate for them Cut numbers and restructure taxpayers, government employees and retirement plans, in the future.

That restructuring, Porter said, would allow local governments to live within a state-set cap on property taxes no more than one percent of the market value of the taxpayer’s property. One percent is the national average and IL is at least twice as high at more than two percent.

With the power to reduce retirement benefits for teachers in cities, villages, and suburbs, as well as other local government workers, to levels that are competitive with the private sector, Porter claims that performing local school districts maintain their current educational quality As their cost will be lower, their new lower income from lower property taxes will be sustainable.

And Porter claims that with this restructuring of pensions and other reforms, including more choice in schools, we can expect improvement in school districts, which are not doing well.

In addition, highly qualified teachers and administrators will continue to be drawn to teaching, as pensions of up to 100,000 for teachers and up to 325,000 for superintendents are not what a competitive, free market requires to involve people in K-12 teaching and to keep them there.

Porter also argues that the above federal law is constitutional because it is Article 4 (which guarantees every state a republican form of government of the people, the people and the people), the trade clause and the supremacy clause of the US constitution, federal law, trump state law and constitutions.

Politically, Porter believes that Republicans in Congress could trade their support for aid to blue states to help with their state government’s tax issues in exchange for Congressional Democrats willing to return power to the people in states like IL, the are now almost powerless to cut massive pension benefits and liabilities.

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