Review: Brooklyn Bedding’s Aurora mattress is a deceptively firm delight

First things first: this mattress is made of plush. So plush it threw me off when I first fell on it. I thought I had chosen the firmest option and it didn’t feel firm. But I only rolled up the mattress in the middle of my living room because my old bed was still up and I wanted to try out the Aurora mattress asap. It turns out that lying next to your coffee table and yoga mat is not the same as a full night’s sleep.

After sleeping on the mattress for a couple of days, I found it was firm, I just didn’t feel it. The support is deceptive, is almost invisible. A real princess-and-the-pea situation, but when the princess was a stressed 30-year-old and the prince lived a life without shoulder pain.

There are three layers of foam on the top of the mattress, a cooling CopperFlex foam layer closest to your body, a TitanFlex layer in the middle and memory foam on the bottom. Underneath all of this, you’ll find a layer of coils and a foam base. Like a club sandwich with comfort.

Overall, I found this mattress to be very nice. If you’re someone who loves to sink into bed it’s great; If you aren’t, I’d say this is not your game. But overall I woke up refreshed and less painful and looking forward to the moment when I can get back into all that foam.

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