Sole eyewitness shot dead in Denver Alley in the Aurora murder, police say

Provided by the Denver District Attorney’s Office

Steven Young

The only eyewitness to a murder in Aurora was shot dead by the suspect in Denver, according to police.

Aurora Police were looking for the eyewitness, 32-year-old Charly Lewis, believing she might be in danger of witnessing a June 1 murder they suspect might have come from Steven Young, 45 In this case, Lewis had already been killed.

The Denver District Attorney’s Office on Wednesday charged Young with the first degree murder of Lewis’ death and the possession of a gun by a previous perpetrator.

Police found Lewis’ body in an alley on the 1000 block of North Federal Boulevard on June 7, after a man reported it while riding his bicycle down the alley. She had been shot in the back of the head.

Aurora Police had video evidence showing Young and Lewis at the June 1st murder scene. Police found Young and Lewis driving together in a car on June 1 and interviewed both of them. Aurora police raised the “Trying to locate” alert because they feared for Lewis’ safety.

Video surveillance footage from a restaurant showed Lewis walking down the alley on Federal Boulevard with a man who matched Young’s description just before the time of the shooting. The footage also shows Young leaving the alley alone shortly after filming.

Police later identified the man as Young by comparing his tattoos and clothing, as seen in the footage, with photos taken by Aurora Police during their investigation.

Aurora police arrested Young on June 8th on their case on charges of first degree murder.

Young is due to appear in Denver District Court on Friday.

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