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Capitol Riot suspects are on a public relations flash

Police Leaflet According to federal charges, Kelly and Connie Meggs are members of the Oath Guard militia, who took advantage of the chaos surrounding the US Capitol riot to enter the building in an organized “pile”. The camouflaged Florida couple can be seen on security videos illegally entering the Capitol and walking through the building with other Oath Guards. Kelly Meggs is, according to the prosecutor, a leader of the oath guards with the pseudonym “OK Alligator.” Both Meggs are charged with conspiracy because of their alleged role in the riots. For sympathetic readers of the right-wing blog The Gateway Pundit, however, the Meggs are humble farmers who by the In a Tuesday post on Gateway Pundit, blogger Jim Hoft claimed the Meggs were on the verge of losing their farm after an FBI raid in which the FBI accidentally freed their donkeys “During the arrest, the FBI released all their donkeys in the neighborhood,” writes Hoft. The donkeys were later returned to the farm. The solution to this injustice for the far-right audience of Hoft, according to his blog: tens of thousands of dollars to The Meggs donate The stories of the rioters have at GiveSendGo, a Christian crowdfunding S ite, which has become a focal point, big money option for right-wing figures who would likely be banned from more mainstream sites like GoFundMe. The Meggs family raised more than $ 80,000 on Tuesday while Oath Guardian Kenneth Harrelson’s family raised more than $ 160,000 in right-wing media trying to rephrase themselves as victims of government transgressions and a sloppy FBI. They also collect a lot of money along the way. That public relations push has expanded to include Ashli ​​Babbitt, the Air Force veteran, who was fatally shot by a Capitol police officer while attempting to break into the speaker’s lobby during the riot. Terrell Roberts, an attorney for Babbitt’s family, appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News Show on March 12, claiming police should have just arrested Babbitt instead. Much of the glowing coverage of the riot suspects comes from The Gateway Pundit, a popular far-right blog that frequently advertises jokes. Gateway Pundit founder Hoft, who has a prominent spot in the right-wing media for being invited to Trump’s White House in 2019, has posted several stories promoting fundraising campaigns for the riot suspects. Proud boy Christopher Worrell allegedly shot pepper spray at law enforcement officers at the start of the riot, according to a federal indictment, after driving a van from Florida to Washington with a crew of other proud boys. Worrell wore a tactical vest and earpiece for the riot, according to prosecutors. When police officers raided his home in East Naples, Florida, they found it full of Proud Boys gear, including challenge coins that represented various chapters of the far-right men’s group. Senator Johnson says he was “not worried” about Capitol rioters because they weren’t BLM protesters. However, the Gateway Pundit report of Worrell’s arrest does not mention proud boys. The blog post claims that Worrell was “arrested by heavily armed Feds using TANKER trucks,” an unusual way of describing armored trucks. While Kelly and Connie Meggs were hugged by right-wing blog readers, Harrelson, another Florida Oath Keeper who allegedly stepped into the US, the Capitol next to them may have had the best reception. Harrelson, who is facing a conspiracy number and three other charges, is said to be in meetings with other oath custodians in meetings with aliases such as “Gator 6” or sometimes just his own name before the uprising. Harrelson was recorded on video while illegally entering the Capitol next to the Meggses, according to his indictment. Like other supporters of arrested riot suspects, Harrelson’s wife, Angel Harrelson, appeared on The Gateway Pundit to allege that her husband had been treated unfairly and that FBI agents had her home ransacked while she was executing a search warrant. “They came with me outside of my home,” she said. “I was upset that my things would be thrown all over the place and that they would make a big mess. “In a message posted on The Gateway Pundit, Angel Harrelson claimed the Oath Guardians were” composed of a diverse group of people. ” One of the worst lies spread about them is that they are kind of ‘white supremacists’, “said Harrelson’s wife wrote.” This is insulting and ridiculous. I’m Cajun, and therefore my ancestors and family members are both black and black Indians. “Read more at The Daily Beast. Get our top stories to your inbox every day. Subscribe Now! Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside delves deeper into the stories you care about. More.” Experienced.

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