The alleged Aurora police impersonator was arrested

DENVER – A man originally believed to be posing as police officers was briefly arrested Monday before authorities discovered he was a volunteer for a Denver suburban police station.

The Colorado State Patrol received a report of traffic in the United States 36 in which a witness said a car had driven in and out of the lanes. A soldier stopped the vehicle, which came complete with a laptop, lights, and a bumper.

The driver, who was wearing a dark blue uniform and a lanyard that read “Aurora Police Department”, provided his volunteer ID and was disarmed and detained. Aurora police confirmed that the 39-year-old man was a volunteer but not an officer.

Authorities warned the man and confiscated items labeled “Aurora Police Department”. The Colorado State Patrol said in a press release late Monday that there wasn’t enough evidence to accuse the man of posing as a peace officer.

The man’s name has not been released and an investigation is ongoing.

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