The Aurora Black Community is hosting the Every Child Matters event on June 6th to celebrate 215 B.C. To remember indigenous children

A service will be held in Aurora on June 6, following the discovery of the remains of 215 Indigenous children in a former residential school in Kamloops, BC.

The City of Aurora Every Child Matters – Prayer in Solidarity will be hosted at 5:00 p.m. by the Aurora Black Community in City Park on Wells and Metcalfe Streets

“This event is an attempt to offer our support to the grieving families and indigenous people in this country. As settlers, we are all appalled by the cruel fate that 215 boarding school children were exposed to, ”said a Facebook post about the event.

“As parents and other responsible Aurora residents, let us come together in a safe and socially detached manner. We can have a few minutes of silence and prayer to Mother Earth, our faith, our gods and other higher forces that we can turn to to help these innocent souls rest in peace. “

All participants must wear a face mask and adhere to physical distancing guidelines.

The discovery of the children’s remains has sparked a wave of sadness and anger across Canada.

In the York area, parishes lowered the flags in memory of the youth this week.

York Area Chairman Wayne Emmerson expressed “deep condolences” to the indigenous community following the discovery of the mass grave site.

The region lowered the flags on its facilities for 215 hours, one hour for each child who was killed.

“On the occasion of National Indigenous History Month, the York region continues to work to honor the history, heritage and diversity of the indigenous, Inuit and Metis of Canada,” said a statement from the region.

“Our thoughts stay with families, communities, boarding school survivors, and all who mourn this terrible loss.”



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