The Aurora man pleads responsible to making an attempt to rent somebody on Snapchat for homicide

An Aurora man who authorities claim posted a Snapchat message attempting to harm someone pleaded guilty to attempted murder.

Andy Lopez, 24, entered the plea Thursday in exchange for a 180-day prison sentence and 30 months parole.

According to Kane County Attorney Bill Engerman, Lopez was arrested in January 2020 for a battery charge misconduct in DuPage County. He then posted a video of the charges, including the names, addresses and phone numbers of the victims and witnesses, with the message “$ 1,000 if you beat this guy up”. There were answers, including one that said, “He’s going down. OK. Can I just jump him?”

But there was also the message, “Broh, you should turn this snap off before you get in any more trouble,” said Engerman.

Aurora Police were monitoring Lopez as part of a further investigation, according to a search warrant. When an investigator saw the post, he replied, “Ehhh, I would do it for $ 2K if you’re serious.”

Lopez did not respond to this response, according to the search warrant.

In a February 2020 interview, Lopez’s attorney Fred Morelli said Lopez had no intention or the means to hire anyone for murder. At the time he was working in the fast food business and living with his parents on the 600 block off Watson Street.

“It’s like (someone says), ‘If you do this, I’ll kill you.’ It was a meaningless, empty threat, if any, “Morelli said. “The chances of getting $ 1,000 are the same as buying the Brooklyn Bridge.”

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