The Aurora policeman fired for dishonest on the watch and mendacity about it.

An Aurora officer was fired Wednesday afternoon for cheating on the timer, prematurely canceling his shift several times, and then lying about the infraction.

Police chief Vanessa Wilson dismissed police officer Robert Lyons for “untruth and theft of city time”, according to a police press release.

Between August 3 and September 22, 2020, Lyons left work prematurely for a total of nine days (34.25 hours) without his manager’s approval. Additionally, Lyons was unable to record his working hours in the department’s time management system as required.

When Lyons was asked about the violations by a manager, “he was not true and stated that he had not taken any time in the period in question,” the press release says.

“An internal affairs bureau investigation has opened and, during his interview with investigators, Officer Lyons admitted he was not truthful when asked about time off by his manager,” police said.

Lyon’s actions violated the following departmental policies:

  • Unsatisfactory performance;
  • Vacation request;
  • Make a false or untrue statement.

“A police officer who chooses to be dishonest will lose credibility and become ineffective for the judicial system, our law enforcement agency and the community we serve,” Wilson said in the press release. “My commitment to restore confidence in our community will not tolerate such deceptive behavior by an officer privileged to wear this badge.”

Lyons was hired by the department in 2017 and was most recently assigned to District 2 Patrol. He has no prior disciplinary records with the department, according to the press release.

Lyons is at least the ninth policewoman Wilson sacked since she was appointed interim chief of the department on December 30, 2019. On August 3, she was finally appointed to the position.

Last week Officer Robert Rosen was fired for excessive beating and repeated use of a taser on a man in a grocery store.

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