The Aurora small enterprise advantages from quite a few different small companies underneath one roof

AURORA, IL – During the COVID-19 pandemic, many small businesses pooled resources to stay afloat.

Some of these companies act as the “Cotton Seed Creative Exchange” in downtown Aurora, supporting local artists and creators from across the region with a large availability of local artwork.

“We basically come together and do the things we love to do and the things that mean the most to us,” said owner Yvonne Toney.

The companies include the Tendaji Body Oils skin care line, which is made primarily from ingredients grown in owner Carla Tate Anderson’s garden.

The company has been in Anderson’s family for four years and aims to make natural, plant-based oils.

Other products featured at the exchange include Bamenda Coffee, started by an 18-year-old from Hyde Park, a coloring book by a local artist, and t-shirts with street art creations.

Black Angel Designs is another off-market company that has a unique line of products for everything in Chicago, inspired by hours of research.

The exchange is located at 8 North Broadway, Aurora, Illinois 60505, and more information is available on their website.

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