The Aurora Sport Yacht is tough and quick on the skin, however comfortable and plush on the within

Known as the Aurora, it is a ship like no other that we have ever seen. The builder for this prized possession of an unknown billionaire is none other than RossiNavi. But, and that’s pretty big, they were just the builder for this monster.

Every time you have a yacht concept that receives a commission for a construction, more than just one designer or contractor is involved in the project. This also applies to the aurora. The naval architecture is covered by Arrabito Naval Architects. The stunning exterior design was created by Fulvio De Simoni and the interior design by Achille Salvagni. When you put all four groups together, you get the stunning ship we see here.

First of all, this yacht has a 49 m long aluminum hull. Why aluminum versus steel or carbon fiber? Well, steel is just too heavy for this sports yacht, and carbon fiber just isn’t strong enough for a hull that length or even the decks it would have to support. So aluminum is the best choice here. This also makes building a hull easier.

The exterior, as we see it, is in classic black and white and has a few metallic accents here and there. Parts of the deck walls appear to have been replaced by guardrails to allow a clear view of the ship. These accents are placed on the bow and stern of the deck so as not to disrupt interiors where privacy is a must.

At the rear, a large beach deck leads you up two flights of stairs on either side of the yacht to an outdoor lounge area. From here, however, we can take another flight of stairs to the top of the hot tub or enter one of the three main salons. On the front of the ship there is a forward facing sun lounge with berths and even a swimming pool.

But in the aurora, taste, luxury, and attention to detail are the key elements that our attention is directed to. Granite and wood floors are found in most of the passageways and corridors, while the guest rooms and lounges are decorated with soft carpets.

The furniture has well-rounded edges, as is common on seafaring ships, and velvet and other materials neatly balance the overall sheen of lacquered wood and marble. Each room even has its own bathroom, work area, and wooden cabinets and walls with silk or satin sheets.

One that I left out to the end is the huge beach club that is hidden in the ship and is only allowed to be exposed if it is safe to do so. At the back, where I mentioned the two stairwells near the beach deck, a massive door that acts as part of the hull gives us access to a private beach club that also doubles as an entertainment center.

At the top of this giant are two MTU 12V 4000 M93L, which push out 2,580 kW at 2,100 rpm, which is absolutely massive for a yacht of this size and gives the Aurora an exhilarating top speed of 26 knots and a cruising speed of 19 knots. However, when the speed is reduced to 12 knots, this sea kite can travel approximately 3,800 nautical miles.

If you haven’t checked out the gallery yet, please do so. Pictures seem to do yachts like this one more justice than words ever could, as the detail is absolutely phenomenal.

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