The best of the runaway aurora trend

· ·Posted on April 13, 2021

Whether you’re obsessed with TikTok or just someone who does a single pass every other day, you’ve probably seen users pose in front of an average backdrop before their photos morph to silhouetted against a heavenly night or night To reveal twilight skies.

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Let’s skip my zero rework skills, but I like this trend and didn’t feel like looking for a filter

♬ Outliers – AURORA

While it is difficult to identify the original creator of the trend, approximately 431.6 million videos have been created using the hashtag #RunawayAurora since then. Now TikTok is full of dreamy scenes that idyllic paintings would put to shame. Here are before and after pics of some of the most popular clips that offer a rare glimpse into the soft side of the internet:


TikTok: @wonderwomannooneaskedfor / Via

If you want to try the trend for yourself, you can capture that perfect dreamy picture or video by searching for the Runaway Aurora filter on Instagram stories. Have fun creating!


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