The brawl in entrance of the Aurora restaurant over chilly meals resulted in deadly pictures, in line with arrest paperwork

A man who tried to keep the peace outside an Aurora restaurant when several people argued over their refusal to pay for food that had gone cold was shot in the chest and later died from his injuries. This resulted in an affidavit from Denver7 on Monday.

Jacqueline De Paz, 28, was arrested two days later and is charged with second degree murder when Rudy Arguello-Rios died in front of Mariscos El Rey 2 restaurant after the shooting on December 23rd.

Police documents state that De Paz, along with a group of about seven other people, complained to a waiter that an open door nearby and the vents in the outdoor restaurant had caused their food to get cold, which is why would not be paying for what they had consumed that night.

Witnesses who saw the argument told police that the server threatened to call the police if they left without pay. At this point the group left the restaurant. The documents state that the server followed the group outside to claim payment.


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