The commission confirms the dismissal of an Aurora police officer who left the reluctant woman face down in the patrol car

A sacked Aurora policeman who ignored a reluctant woman’s plea for help who fell face first on the floorboard of a patrol car will not be returning to the department, the city’s civil service commission ruled Tuesday.

Aurora Public Service Commission

The sacked Aurora Police Officer Levi Huffine appears in a video meeting outside the Aurora Public Service Commission.

Former officer Levi Huffine appealed Chief Vanessa Wilson’s Feb. 24 decision to dismiss him, but the commission found that Huffine’s “persistent and deliberate disregard for the safety and wellbeing of (the woman) so Outrageous was that the final sanction of dismissal was justified. “

Huffine arrested the woman on August 27, 2019 on suspicion of violating local regulations in connection with a fight. After becoming combative in the back of the patrol car, Huffine and other officers used a hobble to connect her legs and handcuffed hands with a hip belt. The officers put her on her side in the back of the car.

While driving, the woman fell face down on the floor of the car. The woman stayed in this position for 21 minutes while yelling for help and saying that she could not breathe.

“Please officer, I don’t want to die like this,” pleaded the woman, according to a video of the incident.

Huffine ignored her pleas and didn’t stop reviewing her, as shown by video and case documents.

The Aurora Public Service Commission held two days of hearing on the incident last week, during which Huffine apologized for not helping the woman.

“It is simply unacceptable to refuse to believe an inmate who is yelling for help – she is screaming ‘I can’t breathe, my throat is breaking’ without trying to confirm her safety,” the commission wrote in theirs Results.

Aurora Police Department announced Huffine’s release on February 24, but wouldn’t say why he was released. Details of the incident were released in July at the request of the Denver Post.

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