The First 3 of 15 Fashion Hacks

So in today’s article, I’m going to be talking about The first 3 of 15 game-changing fashion hacks that you cannot live without. These are fashion hacks that have saved me on so many different occasions. They are life-saving, they are game-changing. And once you see what they are, you’re going to be scratching your head, asking yourself how come you didn’t know these before this article. So without further ado, let’s hop right in. 

So the first fashion hack I wanted to share with you is something that I was trying to solve for a very long time. and that’s how to keep my pendant necklaces detangled, especially when I am wearing them around my neck. I love my Initial pendant necklaces from Poppies and Thyme. They match well with my butterfly necklaces but one of my biggest pet peeves is when all those dainty chains start tangling up while I’m wearing them. It’s not a good look in my opinion, and it’s a real pain to take off and untangle them. So you better believe I was so excited when I discovered this little tiny magnetic piece of jewelry that you can attach your necklaces to. I pick these up on Amazon, and they’re honestly such a lifesaver. You can layer as many necklaces as you want two, three, four, or more. And by attaching them to this magnetic connection, this way, you’re going to prevent them from getting tangled around your neck. 

Another one of my biggest pet peeves is when I do my makeup before putting my clothes on. And then if I’m wearing a shirt that has a more fitted color, putting it over my head or risks, ruining my hair and my makeup. So a little trick that I have been using for years is to cover my head and my face with a t-shirt or a scarf before putting my top over my head. This is going to make sure that my hair doesn’t get staticky and that my makeup stays in place and doesn’t transfer on to my top. 

Off-the-shoulder tops are one of my favorite tops to wear, except for when they slip in right up and make you look like a milkmaid. So if you’re like me and you’re sick and tired of your off-the-shoulder tops are riding on your shoulders, you are going to love this hack. 

So basically what I do is I take an elastic band and I attach a safety pin to each side, and I secure the safety pins under my armpit on either side of the top. This is going to create a band of sort underneath my armpit. So that way, every time I lift my arms up and down, the off the shoulder top is going to stay in place.

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