“The most phenomenal aurora I’ve ever seen”: The northern photographer captures and radiates positive energy

The video below is captivating and gets even more extraordinary from 1:00 minutes onwards.


Dre Erwin’s extraordinary livestream Facebook video of the Aurora Borealis, captured in February. (Dre Erwin Photography / YouTube)

Erwin’s website and Facebook page have a number of fascinating images and have some live Facebook streams for people to follow.

Given his professional background as a nurse, it is not surprising that he takes a philosophical view of his art and its healing properties and describes his work with the “therapeutic photography” of youth.

“After going through personal turmoil six years ago, I moved here and found that so many people – including myself – tend to focus on the negatives and bads in life, and that creates a lot of negative emotions .” he explained. “When we photograph the northern lights, we focus on what’s good in life.”

He said the sharing of stills and video images and the feedback they are all getting from the wider online community is something special.

“It changes your perception of the world. When you focus on the beauty of life, this seems to be what you attract to life. “

Erwin said while working at the local health clinic, he found adolescents walking in with mental health problems not dissimilar to challenges in other communities and wondered what else he could do. Now the photo club has 200 members and offers teenagers thousands of dollars in quality equipment to rent out for free.

“Photography is a means by which young people can get out of the car, connect with nature, have positive role models and concentrate on what is good in life. And when you start to focus on what is good in life with the camera lens, you will soon see it in everyday life and that will bring joy and happiness to me and others. “

Erwin calls the initiative a “good addiction”.

There is hardly a better diversion and more intriguing pastime than keeping your eyes and camera on the extraordinary dancing lights that illuminate the backyard in northern Saskatchewan.

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