The Pulse (Gravity & Different Myths, Aurora, Adelaide Pageant)

The Adelaide-based contemporary circus troupe is taking a bold leap forward with their latest, ambitious show.

There was a big disappointment when the world premiere of The Pulse at the Sydney Festival was canceled earlier this year. It was to be the first production of the three international touring companies Gravity & Other Myths, which was founded by the global pandemic. With border restrictions still in place and with the prospect of not being able to perform in his hometown of Adelaide, this troupe of acrobats and physical theater makers decided to stay there.

Sydney’s loss was Adelaide’s gain, and The Pulse was a major draw at this year’s Adelaide Festival – and for good reason. The skill, craftsmanship and daring are breathtaking, even if the vision is not clear.

This acrobatic showcase is a co-production with the women’s vocal ensemble Aurora (Young Adelaide Voices) and bears the markings of a full-fledged play. With a score by Ekrem Eli Phoenix, the choir begins with seemingly random numbers in a style reminiscent of Philip Glass. The company of acrobats and dancers gathers one after the other in a phalanx, which then splits into two parts before crossing with impeccable precision reminiscent of William Forsythe’s Artifact Suite. As the dancers begin to climb each other’s shoulders to form living totems that could collapse, the choral singing becomes less random as it repeats the number of people stacked on top of each other … 2, 3, 4. It’s hypnotic …

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