The released Aurora policeman Levi Huffine says it was “a mistake” not to help a distressed detainee.

A sacked Aurora police officer trying to get his job back appeared before the city’s civil service commission Thursday apologizing for not helping a desperate woman hobbling on the back of his patrol within 20 minutes had done Wagen.

Officer Levi Huffine was fired in February for “serious misconduct” related to the August 2019 incident. A video clip of the incident was shown to the Commission, which is now examining the matter in a closed hearing.

On Thursday, Huffine answered direct questions during the hearing.

“I’m sorry, it was a mistake,” Huffine said of the incident. “I regret it.”

Huffine jailed the woman on suspicion of city law violations related to a fight when she was placed in a gentle restraint system that controls a person’s ankles and can be tied with a waist chain or belt.

The woman, lying on her stomach in the back seat of the vehicle, eventually slid onto her stomach on the floorboard, making an extremely uncomfortable, perhaps dangerous, situation worse. She asked for help and said she wanted to sit up, she could not breathe and her neck would break, according to a summary of the incident.

During a 20-minute drive to Aurora Police Headquarters, Huffine did nothing to help her. While the woman was being arrested, the police commented on a video with a body camera that she was not cooperative and threatened to flee.

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