The SBI and Beaufort Counties Sheriff’s Workplace is investigating Aurora’s deadly pictures and arrests

BEAUFORT COUNTY, NC (WITN) – The SBI is investigating a fatal shooting in Aurora in which the victim died in the care of the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office.

According to investigators at Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office, 34-year-old Rondell Sanders attacked a family member with a pipe. The incident occurred at 350 Fischer Village Road in Aurora. MPs say the family member ran to another apartment to get help and Sanders followed him and forced his way into the apartment.

Witnesses say a fight broke out and a man in the apartment where the family member ran shot and killed Sanders, who then fled the scene. Several people called 911 to report the attack and shooting, according to MPs.

When the officers arrived they said Sanders was gone. They later found him and said when they tried to take him into custody, Sanders started fighting with officers but was eventually subdued.

Minutes after the arrest, officials said Sanders had stopped responding. According to MPs, EMS was called to the scene and learned that Sanders had been shot in the upper body but was unable to save him.

Sanders was pronounced dead on the scene in the care of the sheriff’s office.

Beaufort County Sheriff’s investigators say MPs did not unload their guns. Since Sanders died in custody, prosecutors have been contacted and the SBI is currently investigating the incident.

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