This floating sauna with aurora view is your new spa fantasy

The city of Tromsø in Northern Norway is known as one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights, with its mega long winter nights and its prime location on the Arctic Circle. Now locals as well as stray spots of light can indulge themselves and enjoy the truly otherworldly view: a super stylish swimming sauna has just opened in the city’s harbor.

Saunas are big in Norway, and the Tromsø sauna is meant to be an “everyday luxury” aimed mainly at local residents (for the time being, anyway). It swims calmly on the deep blue arctic waters and offers unbeatable views of the aurora borealis, which peak in Norway between November and March.

To make the best use of these endorphins after the sauna, more courageous visitors can also take a dip in the sea from the special swimming terrace. The building was a collaboration between the furniture company Ekte, the architects Stapa and the sauna company Pust.

“The public really embraced the sauna and made it a part of their daily life,” she said Erik Strange Ankre, the co-owner of Pust. ‘People come at any time of the day: either for a morning swim, for lunch or for a nightly session until 10 p.m. ‘

We can only imagine that, as soon as the journey goes well again, more and more light seekers want to treat themselves to a trip here.

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