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It was a matter of time.

The self-driving startup Aurora partnered with Toyota Motor Corp. on Tuesday. and its affiliate Denso Corp. announced that the engineering groups of the three companies can jointly supply to develop autonomous minivans.

The deal comes two months after Aurora acquired Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group, which counted Toyota and Uber as respected buyers.

Together, Toyota, Denso and Aurora will develop a Toyota Sienna self-driving minivan that can be mass produced and used on hail networks, with Uber being a major vacation spot.

Your work could turn out to be a robust confluence of a serious global automaker and its main supplier, a hail service and a self-driving systems supplier.

While Aurora referred to the nascent partnership as a “long-term agreement,” there is no specific timeframe for when the companies plan for business deployments. By the end of these 12 months, prototypes are to be tested on the motorway.

The companies did not reveal whether Toyota and Denso recently funded Aurora or the partnership. An Aurora spokesperson stated, “We’re not sharing the finances of this deal.”

In April 2019, Toyota and Denso merged to take a $ 667 million position with Uber ATG. Uber really put $ 400 million into its deal to promote ATG to Aurora for a 26 percent stake in the company co-founded by Chris Urmson, Sterling Anderson, and Drew Bagnell.

In addition to finances, the automotive platform marks a milestone for self-driving developments. For years, the Chrysler Pacifica has been the minivan of choice for many companies from AutoX to Voyage. The Sienna is one of the minivans with workhorse potential in a Robotaxi fleet.

“We are excited and honored to be working with them to unlock driverless mobility services with the Aurora driver,” said Urmson in a written statement. “Our freeway driving development work in support of our first commercial product, a driverless truck, will also be critical to the safe movement of people as a significant portion of today’s ride-sharing needs the ability to travel above 50 mph. “

That is remarkable. While most companies focus their Robotaxi growth efforts in urban environments, Aurora places a special emphasis on ensuring that drivers may get to and from cities on highways that require these earlier speeds. And it’s not alone.

Last week, Argo AI said it started testing on freeways in Pittsburgh and can do so in Miami in a matter of weeks. In any case, companies want to ensure that their methods are versatile enough to handle, for example, trips that are similar to airport pick-up and drop-off services.

Another facet of the collaboration on Tuesday that alarmed the business outlook: Toyota, Denso and Aurora will discover elements of the hailship company that go beyond autonomous driving expertise. They will examine what they refer to as a “full service solution,” which is how the fleet is funded, insured, serviced and funded.

The settlement does nothing to change Aurora’s intention to initially use an autonomous automobile that is not located in the robot axis. In the trucking space, however, Aurora had put much of its effort into it prior to acquiring Uber ATG. At first glance, it might be straightforward to assume that Aurora’s unique staff would continue to focus on trucking while the brand new employees who were part of ATG would take on Robotaxi duties. However, a spokeswoman for the organization says the groups are particularly mixed, a transfer that Aurora believes will accelerate growth on every front.

“By starting in trucking as a team first, we will enter a huge market [nearly $700 billion] fastest with a sales generating product, ”she explained. “We also believe that development overlap will greatly improve the efficiency of our development for both trucks and ridesharing, with each application being based on the progress made by the other.”

Aurora says the Siennas will be developed and studied at services in Pittsburgh, the Bay Area, Michigan, and Texas.

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