Try this $ 950,000 house on the market in East Aurora

This is a beauty! If you have the money and love the southern cities, this East Aurora home for sale might be the perfect new home for you and your family!

Zillow has listed the price at just under $ 950,000. But it may be the taxes that attract the savvy buyer’s attention. With taxes of around $ 20,000 in taxes, such a big house comes with a huge financial commitment. But once you see the inside and the place it can all be worth it. The home has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and is near one of the most popular villages in New York State.

As the New Year begins, more people may choose to move. Today more and more families are working from home and learning from a distance. Those who want to live closer to the city for convenience, check out the suburbs and rural areas. If we have learned something from the pandemic, more time at home can mean things to be done around the house. With a home like this, there are plenty of options and places to relax while in quarantine.

I grew up in East Aurora and was impressed with its growth. I’ll say the traffic has gotten a little more frustrating than I remember, especially on Main Street in the afternoon. But the beauty of the village is that you can walk to so many places in just a few minutes!

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