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Lord Sugar Interview: “You can’t force big clubs to give fans shares.”

Lord Zucker’s philosophy regarding football ownership has only tightened in the 21 years since he told Jurgen Klinsmann his shirt wasn’t worth washing his car. Now, as he looks back on his decade at Tottenham and assesses how the current owners have tied themselves in knots to force his way through a European Super League, he wonders if he’s taken it too easy. “If I had time again and was the chairman and owner, I would talk,” he tells Telegraph Sport as he surveys the ruins of a fortnight in which fans have risen against owners in unprecedented ways. “I would say Mr. Manager, I am paying you this amount of money and you are not doing very well – can you tell me why?” I would also go to a press conference and say, “Put pressure on him and put pressure on the players.” It is the gentle demeanor of the Big Six owners over the past week that gives rise to the most withered assessment of its criticism of the Super League fiasco. The silence of the glasses – even when kicked out by TV crews – has fueled the inferno of anger around Old Trafford, explains the 74-year-old. Sugar, a street fighter since he was raised at the old Woolmer House Council in Hackney, says the American owners of United, Arsenal and Liverpool look weak. “I wouldn’t be hung up to dry by a manager who is safe,” he adds, stopping checking the name. Jürgen Klopp criticizes the conspiracy. “I think they’re a little bit weak and I think they’re getting all that flak and I would talk a little more about it, I really would.” The significant other, who left Labor in 2015, also has advice for the government, federation and Premier League as they develop their plans to fix a broken game. He urges them to consider his old “plum juice” analogy that he used in 2015 to explain how a then-domestic TV deal of £ 1.5 billion would be of little use to the pyramid because he ” at one end and then at the other end “goes. “It’s the same now – that’s why the Super League was so pointless,” he said. “Any money you give them goes straight to transfer fees and player wages. Fans don’t get any benefits other than superstars getting paid too much for what they do. So what really needs to happen is a rethink in the industry . ” You don’t need any more money. “

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