Uber places the autonomous car program in reverse and sells it to Aurora

This week, Aurora, one of the country’s leading self-driving startups, announced that it would become the new owner of Uber’s self-driving division – Uber Advanced Technology Group (ATG) – which focuses on driverless taxis. Additionally, Uber plans to move the deal further by pumping $ 400 million into Aurora while retaining a minority stake in the company and appointing its own CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, to Aurora’s board of directors.

MarketScale Radio presenters Daniel Litwin and Tyler Kern explain the reasons for this and other business company sell-offs made by Uber this year, including the continued unprofitableness of the 2018 lawsuit attributed to a pedestrian from an Uber ATG vehicle hit and killed for stealing Waymo’s LiDar technology – all of this has brought Uber’s self-driving division to a standstill for the past several years. With OEMs like Volkswagen, Ford, etc. all investing in other self-driving technologies, Kern and Litwin also delve into how this Uber acquisition and a $ 400 million transfusion are Aurora’s linchpin in licensing its self-driving technology Instead, self-driving long-haul trucks will be a strength for automakers. The guys also discuss how Prop 22 influenced the gig worker and Uber’s decision to let go of their self-driving department.

  • After years of making it a staple of its long-term business growth, Uber is breaking free from its Advanced Technology Group.
  • Self-driving vehicle start Aurora will take over the autonomous vehicle unit for applications in trucks.
  • Given the recent success of Prop 22 in California, could Ubers plan to reduce labor costs by investing in legislation versus AVs?

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