UCHealth in Aurora has a document variety of frostbite

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AURORA, Colorado (KRDO) – More than two dozen patients were hospitalized for frostbite on the Anschutz campus in Aurora on Monday, according to UCHealth.

There are 26 patients at the Burn and Frostbite Center, which is a record for the medical center, according to UCHealth. According to UCHealth, the intense cold has led to an increase in patients this month.

According to UCHealth, frostbite can happen quickly: at -5 degrees and a wind speed of 30 miles per hour, frostbite can start in 10 minutes. Symptoms include numbness, pale skin color, clumsy movements, pain that lasts 45 minutes after being rewarmed, or increased discoloration after rewarming.

According to UCHealth, if you suspect you have frostbite, remove wet clothing and move to a warm area, avoid rubbing the area, and seek medical attention immediately.

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