Upholstery Cleaning Norwalk CT

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Upholstery Cleaning Norwalk CT

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Company

We’re Norwalk’s most accomplished residential and commercial upholstery cleaning firm. From heavy couch cleaning to looking
after your mattresses and upholstered walls and furniture, our cleaners have got you covered.

With decades of experience, we’ve mastered the skill of upholstery upkeep and cleaning, so you don’t ever need to fret over them
getting dirty again. We offer our clients with comprehensive consultation and after analyzing the status of your upholstered
furniture, our cleansers will recommend the correct cleaning procedure that can leave your furniture looking fresher than ever.

Upholstery Cleaning Norwalk CT
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Whether you require a comprehensive maintenance and cleaning of your house upholstery, or commercial office chairs, leather sofas,
upholstered walls, etc., we are here in order to give you award winning upholstery cleaning services at Norwalk.

What We Do

We provide excellent upholstery cleaning services to our residential and industrial clients in Norwalk. Our wide
variety of cleaning solutions consist of deep furniture cleaning and cleaning, be it in your house or workplace.

Our cleaners are equipped with the proper skills and tools required to maintain your furniture looking its best! Whether you would
like your age-old upholstery properly cleaned so its sparkle is restored, or you desire a thorough cleanup of your newly purchased
furniture, we’re here in order to keep and restore your upholstery’s original shine.

Sofa cleaning
Your sofa may collect heaps of dust, mites, bed bugs, dirt, dead skin cells, and all sorts of debris and bacteria. You may even
notice coffee spills, dirt marks, and stubborn stains which may only be washed using proper cleaning techniques.

Purchasing new furniture is just not a viable choice but hiring the help of our expert cleaners can help restore the freshness and
brightness of your sofa’s in no time. Our couch cleaning service entails use of proper upholstery cleaning solutions and heavy
cleaning vacuums which help us get rid of the countless stains out of the sofa’s, whatever the color or material.

Armchair cleaning
If your special armchair is collecting all kinds of debris and dirt, a suitable cleaning service is required. Our professional
cleaners are knowledgeable about the number of materials, designs, and designs used in armchairs, be they modern or classic. We
are devoted to removing the most stubborn stains with appropriate cleaning solutions. Depending on the fabric of the armchair, our
staff will recommend compound, solvent, or water-based options to maintain your seat looking elegant.

To keep your allergies from behaving up whenever you sit on your favourite armchair, we recommend hiring our specialist cleaners
who will thoroughly wash your armchair and leave your living room looking classy as ever.

Dining chairs cleaning
Your special upholstered dining chairs include that zest of luxury and elegance to the dining area, so keeping them stain-free and
tidy is crucial. Our cleaners supply a wide variety of services depending on the material and design of your dining chairs.
Upholstered dining seats can be correctly cleaned with conventional vacuuming. We also use steam cleaners to eliminate bacteria
and germs residing within the fibers of the fabric.

Love chair cleanup 
Our Norwalk upholstery cleaning team can clean your favourite love seat thoroughly to make sure it’s stain-free and perfect to
cuddle on along with your special someone. The cleanup process involves deep vacuuming to extract debris and dust out of the
fibers of the material and its own small cracks. Steam cleaning can help to soak the substance together with cleansing agents to
wash out all stains and stubborn marks. After the appropriate drying process has completed, your love seat will have revived its

Recliner cleaning
Your recliners can accumulate all kinds of stains, food particles, pet hair, spills, and dirt, etc.. To keep them in top shapewe
advocate hiring our skilled cleaners for vacuuming and professional heavy cleaning at least twice or thrice per year. Depending
upon the design and substance of this recliner, our cleansers will use steam or heavy chemical cleaning techniques to extract
grime, soil, and debris out of the crevices of the cloth.

Upholstered wall cleanup 
Over time, you may detect hand marks, stains, and dirt from shoes all over your walls especially if you have kids running around.
You could also detect such spots on your office walls, especially if individuals prop their feet . Keeping your upholstered walls
clean isn’t a challenge when you have our specialist cleaners at your back. With only the most sustainable and friendly cleaning
solutions, we can rid of your upholstered wall of those nasty stains and leave them looking fresh.

Mattress cleaning
Just like your furniture, mattresses require deep cleaning occasionally to rid these germs, bacteria, and all types of debris and
dust. Your mattress can also fight dead skin cells, skin oil, dander, pet hair, pollen, and other allergens. To cure this, our
cleaning technicians start with pre-vacuuming the mattress to suck insoluble dirt, followed by steam cleaning that gets rid of
germs and mildew inside the crevices of the mattress. Soft cleaning agents help to wash away stains and sanitize your mattress so
that you can sleep peacefully.

Why Use Our Norwalk Upholstery Cleaning Company?
We take great pride in maintaining a mutual advantage agreement with green and
sustainable product makers in Norwalk to utilize only products we designed together. Not only are our products safe for you
personally, but also for the environment. The goods we use also guarantee the durability and cleanliness of your furniture and
house, so that you may rest assured that we never compromise on the quality of cleaning solutions and equipment.

If you aren’t pleased with our services, we offer a money-back guarantee. All our products are pet friendly and free of damaging
chemicals that may cause allergic reactions. When you place your trust in us, you can always anticipate an excellent job. Call us
now to request a free estimate 1-302-291-4671

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