Volvo works with Aurora Innovation to develop autonomous trucks

To meet stringent environmental reforms, several automakers have changed their business models to produce self-driving and fully electric vehicles. Two of these companies, Volvo Autonomous Solutions and Aurora Innovation, have reportedly teamed up to develop an advanced autonomous transportation solution.

The original goal of the partnership is to build and implement a self-driving transportation system for North American hub-to-hub applications.

For some time now, heavy truck manufacturers have been looking for technology partners to help manufacture self-propelled systems for long-haul freight, which could see widespread commercial use long before the self-propelled robotic axle appeared.

According to trusted sources, the Aurora driver will be integrated into Volvo’s on-highway vehicles and the industry-leading Transport as a Service solution will be further developed. These technologies are known to be based on Volvo’s leading safety products and track record, as well as Aurora’s extensive experience in developing self-driving systems.

It’s worth noting that Aurora initially announced a strategic alliance with PACCAR, a US-based truck manufacturer whose brands include Peterbilt and Kenworth. The company’s founders include self-driving veterans from Alphabet’s Waymo and Tesla.

Last year, Aurora announced that its first commercial product will be available in the trucking industry, where it appears that demand has been greatest.

Analysts predict more collaborations like this will emerge as relatively young tech companies like Aurora are known to combine their expertise in autonomous vehicle systems with older companies, including Volvo Trucks’ extensive manufacturing experience.

For example, German luxury car maker Daimler AG has teamed up with Waymo to develop self-driving trucks, while FAW Jiefang, China’s largest manufacturer of heavy trucks, has worked with Plus AI.

Meanwhile, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in January that the company’s long-awaited semi-electric truck is likely to be the first of its kind to achieve maximum self-driving capability.

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