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What are the Public Insurance Adjuster's Duties?

Nov 2

A majority of people have never been aware of a public adjuster and they don't realize that they play an important role in the insurance business. What exactly is a Public Insurance adjuster? You've probably heard of an insurance adjuster who examines and makes adjustments to claims on behalf of an insurance company, but what's an insurance adjuster working for the public?

What's the job of a public adjuster?

What does it mean to be a public adjuster?

Public adjusters are licensed by the state who manage every aspect of insurance claims for the policy holder (claimant or insured). Negotiating or "adjusting" insurance claims is a service offered by public insurance adjusters. Public adjusters, who are employed and licensed by an insurance company, are a type of adjuster. They represent the general public and are able to adjust claims to reach settlement.

Most people are familiar with the term insurance adjusters. They are also known as claims adjusters, who are employed by insurance companies in order to investigate, evaluate, appraise, and adjust insurance claims in order to establish the amount of compensation an insurer is responsible to pay.

A large portion of these duties are performed by a public adjuster who is employed by the policyholder to represent them throughout the appraisal and negotiation process for the claim. A santa fe public adjuster is a professional who is employed to represent the financial interests of the policy's subject or covered entity. Public adjusters are independent contractors that work for you and not for your insurance company. Public adjusters use their knowledge of the insurance industry and expertise to ensure an insurance claim is properly handled and that the resolution is fair in the process, and at the same time increase the amount paid. In the name of helping those who are actually in need of assistance to recover from a loss.

More Information about the Public Adjuster

Public insurance adjusters are required to have an insurance certificate in all 45 states and District of Columbia. These 45 states and District of Columbia either have their own regulations and licensing requirements or accept an amended version of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners Public Adjuster Licensing Mod Act (NAIC). The NAIC defines a public adjuster as "someone who participates or assists in the negotiation, or effecting the settlement, or settlement, of first-party claims that are covered by an insurance contract in exchange for some kind of compensation and for the benefit of the insured." Anyone who posts advertisements for jobs as a public adjuster, or who solicits the public for business, or promotes themselves as a public adjuster is considered an official public adjuster. Anyone who, in exchange in exchange for a fee, works on behalf of another public adjuster helps in the adjustment of losses, counseling the insured or investigating first-party claims in an insurance contract.


The term "public adjusters" is often referred to as private adjusters, or public claims adjusters.

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